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Cargo First’s unique One Team cargo handling service is a total logistics solution for all your ground handling and ancillary service needs.

Our fully integrated approach is built around the customer and ensures maximum simplicity, efficiency and speed-to-market.

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Our approach


We replace the unnecessary complexity of multiple vendor relationships with a straight-through process that sets a new standard in touchdown-to-truck performance.


Our comprehensive UK cargo service portfolio includes slot allocation, ground handling, fuelling, aircraft catering, road transport and Heathrow delivery and reception.



Cargo First’s overview of the entire handling process means we can identify and remedy potential bottlenecks before they arise.


Sharing a single management structure with Bournemouth Airport, we ensure that cargo movements always receive the priority they deserve and are never secondary to other air traffic.


Coupled with Bournemouth’s outstanding ground transport connections, Cargo First’s has a proud record of delivering consignments across London hours quicker than comparable cargos landing at the city’s hub airports.

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Through our location and efficiency, we can help you meet your sustainability goals by eliminating needless aviation and haulage fuel burn. With customers at the heart of our specialist cargo handling process, we understand the specific needs of airlines, consolidators, freight forwarders and air charter brokers.


We are accomplished in handling specialist consignments, including time-critical e-commerce, automotive and Covid-19 testing kits and PPE. Our ambitious investment plan will see Cargo First continue to expand our infrastructure to handle other freight types to meet rising demand.

Find out how we can be your unfair advantage in air cargo.

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