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Cargo First offers faster and cheaper air freight access to London, the wider UK and beyond without the congestion, delays and costs of hub airports.

Bournemouth Airport is only 90 minutes from London by road, bringing major savings in time and costs - in the air, in consignment handling and on the highway - giving cargo shippers a powerful supply chain advantage.

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Why Bournemouth?

Five reasons


Bournemouth Airport’s uncongested airspace enables more direct flight routings, without air and ground holding delays and inflexible slot constraints.


Uniquely in southern England, Bournemouth Airport can offer 24-hour capability without night movement limitations and noise restrictions found at other London airports.


Cargo First’s fully integrated One Team service meets all ground handling and ancillary requirements, allowing faster and simpler consignment processing than through multiple service providers.

Better service


With clear access roads and located close to major highway networks, Cargo First keeps haulage drivers on the move and operating efficiently.


With our trucking-inclusive service options and Heathrow cargo
reception/delivery point, it has never been easier to get freight to its destination on time and to budget.


Cargo First is ideally located to serve road freight destinations across north-west Europe. With major strengths in efficiency and ground connectivity, we are a cost-effective solution to land and distribute air cargo from London to France, Germany, Benelux and beyond.


With sustainability a priority for all air cargo operators, Cargo First also helps customers meet their emissions targets by cutting out fuel wastage in the air and on the ground.


Find out why Cargo First is the UK’s fastest growing cargo operation.

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